Mojka Finance – Advice – Administration

Mojka NL and PL Administration and Consultancy Office was founded in 2006 and registered at the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam under number 24408269. Mariusz Mojka (partner) graduated from INHolland University of Applied Sciences, in practice he worked in the accountancy world.

Since 2006, Mojka NL and PL have successfully defended its activities related to the settlement of tax liabilities of persons and companies residing in the Netherlands temporarily and permanently.

From year to year, Mojka office does everything to meet your expectations and streamlines its activities, so that the cooperation between customers and the government authorities is and remains transparent.


Save time and money with the Mojka team.

Extensive accounting care for ZZP, VOF, BV. We arrange matters such as taxes, social issues, insurance, leasing, mortgages, legal advice and translations.

We serve entities with a diverse business profile

We value the services offered by us, taking into account the needs and expectations of customers.