Personal income tax declaration in Netherlands

Tax year

Attention ! the tax year is the year for which you file your tax returns.

Taxpayer's personal data

Attention ! valid date format: day-month-year
Attention ! BSN - burgerservicenummer (fiscal number). Netherlands identification number for taxpayers.

Registered address

Attention ! If you are officially registered in the Netherlands (Gemeente), please provide a Dutch address. Otherwise, please provide an address from another country.

Contact details

Attention ! e-mail address is not required, however, we send the confirmation of tax declaration the above-mentioned email address provided.

The tax residence situation of taxpayer

Attention ! in the case of sickness or unemployment benefit, You must to also put above dates!
If you have a mortgage in the Netherlands, the following documents must be attached with tax declaration: jaaropgave from the mortgage (the document must be issued by the bank or the mortgage company after the end of the tax year). Only in the case of buying an apartment for mortgage in the Netherlands in the tax year, the notary's costs and the tax assessment report must be attached additionally.

Taxpayer's income

Attention ! jaaropgave (the official income statement) is a mandatory document issued by the employer (or UWV) after the end of tax year.
Attention ! capital e.g. cash on account, stocks, , real estate, etc.

The family situation of the taxpayer

Fiscal partnership

Additional information

Attention ! optional field


Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.
Attention ! in the case of a mortgage in the Netherlands, additional documents from the mortgage are required! Only PDF & JPG file format accepted (max size 2 Mb each file)

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