Offer for individuals

How can I do my taxes or apply for a benefits?

You can submit all applications conveniently 24/7 using the forms available on our website.

The income tax or benefits procedure is as follows:

  1. Fill in the application in the on-line services on our website tab and send it with the required documents (including e.g. jaaropgave-income statement, ID).
  2. Make a transfer for the our service according to our general price list below (Mojka’s account number is provided in the “Contact” tab)
  3. Mojka’s office, after receivingyour payments, will do the service within 10 working days and send the confirmation to the e-mail address provided in the form.

Please note !

For persons not registered in the Netherlands in the tax year or registered for part of the year in the Netherlands, it is mandatory to send by post

the Certificate of Income from your country -Inkomensverklaring (<= form to download) to the address provided on the certificate.

It is also possible to apply in person at Mojka’s office. For this purpose, make an appointment by phone or e-mail.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with a detailed list of services

  1. Tax return (tax settlement)
  2. Financing:
    1. for insurance (health care allowance),
    2. subsidy for renting an apartment (housing allowance),
    3. funding for kindergarten (childcare allowance)
    4. child benefit (child-related budget)
  3. Allowances: UWV (sickness, unemployment), SVB (family)
  4. Compensation
  5. Individual: advice, assistance from offices and institutions in the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Frequently asked Questions


The care allowance (care allowance) is granted to everyone who resides in the Netherlands and pays tax here whose income does not exceed a certain amount that is declared annually by the tax authorities.


You can easily apply for health, housing and child benefit via the form on our website. You can also do this during a personal meeting. Make an appointment by phone or e-mail.


Child benefit, like all allowances, is granted to persons with an income that does not exceed the values specified by the tax authorities. Do you want to know if you need an add-on? Use the form on the site or call.

Price list of services for companies

L.p. Servicetype Description Price per service from
TAX Netto
1 TAX tax individual without mortgage for one year 50 €
2 TAX (mortgage) tax individual with mortgage for one year 60 €
3 TAX correction Iwithout mortgage 50 €
4 Mortgage tax correction with mortgage 60 €


7 Zorgtoeslag Healt benefit (one year) 30 €
8 Huurtoeslag Rent benefit (one year) 40 €
9 Kinderopvangtoeslag Childcare allowance (one yaer) 50 €
Kindbgebondenbudget Child benefit (one year) 50 €
10 SVB Child benefit 60 €
11  UWV (WW) Unemployment benefit 60 €


Healt insurance 50 €
Other Insurance 75 €
12 Translations Individual price
13 Letters Belastingdienst and others 50 €
14 Calls Individual calls 30 €
15 Bank account confirmation Belastingdienst and others 30 €
DigiD-codes Electronical signature 30 €
World income (wereldinkomen) 30 €
Road TAX (MRB) 50 €
MRB incasso monthly payments 50 €
Douane (BPM)  (including autotelex calculation) 100 €
Autotelex Duty (BPM) Calculation for BPM 50 €
CAR Lease Financial or operational 250 €
Parking Parking 50 €
Uittreksel BRP (cityhall) 30 €
RDW Appointment 50 €
Car insurance Application 75 €