Annual tax declaration - 2023

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Please be advised that the correct date for the company's annual settlement for 2023 (without extension) is until 30-04-2024! Extension of the above-mentioned the deadline for companies with Basic subscription is additionally payable 50 EUR / 1 person.
If the answer is "Yes" - it is obligatory to fill in the partner's data in the IB form for 2023. Cost of partner's settlement according to general price list on our website
The cost of submitting the application according to general pricelist available on our website

Documents required for the company's annual settlement

Attention ! If we do not receive a completed IB form from you - we will make an annual settlement based on the available information! In the event of a necessary correction, we will charge an additional cost of 150 EUR net!
If the answer is "Yes" - enter the amount of advances for the whole year 2023!
Attention ! If you have a mortgage in the Netherlands, the following documents must be attached to the attachments: WOZ - value of the apartment (as of 01-01-2023), jaaropgave from the mortgage (the document must be issued by the bank or the mortgage company after the end of the accounting year). Only in the case of buying a home for mortgage in the Netherlands in the accounting year, the notary's costs and the tax assessment report must be attached additionally.
* ZELFSTANDIG AFTREK * relief for an independent entrepreneur. The entrepreneur has to work for his own company during the year minimum 1,225 hours (these hours include the time spent on work, as well as for commuting, administration, advertising, meeting with customer etc.) 1,225 working hours must be reflected in the amount in invoices and temporary (a person who started his business, e.g. in September could not devote 1,225 hours of work to hers in a given year companies). An entrepreneur should be independent, i.e. incl. he issues invoices himself, keeps his company's accounts, and invests in fixed assets, has various principals, leads advertising your company. Relief for an independent entrepreneur is granted for the following years of running the company, provided that the entrepreneur meets the conditions of an independent entrepreneur.

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I certify that all information contained in the form is up-to-date and true. Mojka's office does not bear any responsibility for the inconsistency of the data provided on this form. I would also like to inform you that I have read the content of the GTC (general terms and conditions of the contract) and that I fully accept them.